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SEA Environmental Decisions, Ltd.

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SEA Environmental Decisions Ltd. offers technical consultancy to clients in business, academia and government. A particular speciality is providing cross-disciplinary and cross-organisational links, bridging the gaps between scientists, engineers, policy makers and the public. We play an integrating role in complex, interdisciplinary programs in which basic and applied research must be brought together, critically assessed and then linked to environmental policy and applications. As such, much of our work is carried out in collaborative networks with other consultancies, universities and government agencies.

As our understanding of ecological systems has evolved, it has become increasingly clear that effective and sustainable management strategies must focus on whole catchments and their interconnected media (chemicals, water, soil and sediment), rather than on one site or issue at a time. The European Union has adopted several Directives, Strategies, Recommendations and agreements which are requiring a movement from sectoral-based to more ecosystem-based, holistic environmental management. Environmental management, in Europe and elsewhere, is increasingly based upon biological and ecological rather than just physico-chemical elements, with ecosystems at the center of management decisions. Successful implementation of ecosystem management and strategic assessment will result in integration to an unprecedented degree, which will require extensive collaboration and research to adapt current systems of environmental assessment and management to the basin and ecosystem level, across media and habitats, and considering a much broader set of impacts on ecosystem status than is currently addressed in most risk assessments. This will require the understanding, integration and communication of economic, ecological, hydrological and other processes across many spatial and temporal scales. SEA Environmental Decisions, Ltd., is addressing a number of these regulations and their implications for ecosystem management. We are playing an integrating or advisory role in a number of the research initiatives that will help meet these needs, and are helping to identify further research needs to meet the goal of integrated, ecosystem management.

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